Escape: How To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Especialy now in an uncertain environment it becomes even more important to push yourself out of your comfort zone to go beyond performance to reach success.

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Watching Steve McQueen jump over a high wood fence on a motorcycle in the 1963 classic film The Great Escape is one of my favorite movie scenes. We all watch in anticipation, asking ourselves this one important question: Can he do the impossible?

This clip inspires us to see others overcome obstacles because, for a moment, we’re along for the ride; we experience the feeling of breaking through barriers to see what lies on the other side. When it comes to our own lives, however, we’re less adventurous.

Barriers take on the look of a wall designed to keep us confined and not a hitch in the plan that demands we use our resources.

Why can Steve McQueen jump the high wood fence on his motorcycle but we can’t escape from a bad relationship, change jobs, start a business, or lose 20 pounds? He is defining his future; we are…

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