On Leaders and Accountability (Part 6): How to Take Action When Expectations Aren’t Met

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Take Action

Here’s the scene. Joe Staff Member is on your team, and you have done all of the right things to develop a healthy relationship of accountability; You have clarified, mentored, coached, checked in, and supported him. But for whatever reason, Joe still isn’t producing the results that match his competency.

So, it’s time to take action!

You should have been giving honest feedback by engaging with Joe along the way, so this should not be a surprise to him.

Taking Action

In the five previous blogs on accountability (see below), we have been following a process to ensure that you—the leader—have done your part to help your team members succeed.

As you deliver the news, make sure that you and Joe have a clear picture that accountability is a win in four directions:

  • A win for the organization
  • A win for you the leader
  • A win for the team 

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