Reaction or Reflection – A Leadership Question

Which side of the mirror….

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Chili Palmer

Recently I was watching the classic movie, Get Shorty. This 1995 picture features an intriguing character, Chili Palmer (played by John Travolata). Chili is a loan shark from Miami who finds a new life as a producer in the movie industry.

What intrigued me about this character was his cool.

In every situation he faced, he never reacted to what was going on. Rather, in a deliberate manner, he looked at the truth of the situation and then found a solution that often went beyond the boundaries of his beliefs.

Emotional Rescue

It got me to thinking about the consequences of reacting from emotions when faced with challenging business situations. As leaders, we are the sum of our experiences.

Much of how we respond is unexamined and our past is guiding our present responses. ClickToTweetThis

If, in childhood, I had a traumatic experience with someone in a position…

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