Traveling the Road from Big Data to Results

Luke Jordan

by Luke Jordan

Intangible digital assets are becoming more important to business growth every day. Industries like healthcare, retail, and banking are seeing huge returns and savings from investing in these assets, and predict even larger numbers in the coming years. According to recent research by MIT and McKinsey, companies that apply these assets to their operations outperform their competition by 5% in productivity and 6% in profitability.

So what exactly are intangible digital assets? There are numerous examples, but a few of the most prominent are digital designs that engage users (LinkedIn’s “People You May Know” feature), the capture of users behavior and social profiles online (Google and any social network), and the significant potential of big data and analytics.

McKinsey & Company estimates that digital capital is already responsible for more than 1 percent of global GDP growth. Two-thirds of that slice is intangible digital assets, the rest…

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